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The Missing Ingredient

Make a Place That God May Dwell

You Are Not Alone

Psalm 103

Nothing But Jesus But That’s Enough

Ministry of Faith


The Power of Reconciliation

God’s Faith

This Altar Still Works

He Gavest Them Saviors

The Majesty, The Message, The Mission

Desire the Power of the Holy Ghost

Fullness of Time

Being a Steward of What God Has Given Us

Three Mysteries that have been Revealed


Jesus Our Savior

A Division Between Light and Darkness


Ye Shall Receive Power


The Economy of Heaven

The Life of an Overcomer

Heartbeat of God

God is Faithful

What is Required is Desired

The Power of God over the Perils of the World

The Thread of Hope

Tearing Down Strongholds

Exortation unto Sanctification

The Unspeakable Language of Joy

There is Nothing to Hard for God

Don’t Mess With Your Heavenly Gates and Foundation

There are Thieves

Where Wounds Go to Die

The Soul Collector

One Last Song Before I Go

Your Victory is in God’s Faith

It’s Time to Stand Your Ground

The Cry in the Night

The Marvelous Works of God

When You Pray Bring Your Heart

The Lord Will Fight For You

The Field, The Vineyard and the Stone Wall

Eat the fat, Drink the Sweet, Save a portion for those who have none

The Language of Ashdod

Your Miracle is at the Door

The Darkness

Inward and Outward

A Place Just Beyond Your Faith

The Power of Unity

Thirsty for the Water

The Abiding Fire

The Unsurpassed Ability of God

Exuberant Worship

What is Wrong With Touching Jesus?


Blessings in Brokeness

The Path to Peace

It’s Time to Get out of Your Cave

Conflicting Strengths

When Thou Hearest A Going

Let the Dry Bones Live Again