About our Van Ministry

At Apostolic Faith Church, we are committed to forging opportunities for people of all races and ethnicities to establish and maintain an intimate relationship Jesus Christ. Under the direction of brother Isaiah Keller, the Van Evangelism Ministry at Apostolic Faith Church is honored to provide transportation for children and adults of all ages. Health issues, difficult circumstances, distance, or uncontrollable situations are potential hindrances for those who desire to gather together with the saints to worship, fellowship, and serve God. Complimentary transportation enables that connection to transpire. The Van Evangelism Ministry is a tremendous blessing; we are overjoyed to provide this service to our community. Drivers, routes, addresses, and phone numbers may change, but Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. When the church influences the community by sharing the gospel of God, the world’s influence on the community is diminished. As children mature into teenagers, teenagers into adults, we are devoted to accompany them every step of the way! We have witnessed lives which were once broken, restored. We have watched families which were once divided, united. Many of our current van riders may become teachers, preachers, pastors, or prophets! Our gracious God only knows what impact the van ministry has made, and will continue to make, on Minot, ND and the surrounding area.

Call for a ride: 701-838-5164