Hide not my Lord when I cry

Jonathan Starr is a young minister at Apostolic Faith Church. With his wife, Taneil, they help in various places of the church. Their biggest desire is to see the kingdom of God grow and being apart of that in any way possible.
April 29, 2020

Lamentations 48-57

            The first two verses here begins with the prophet Jeremiah with great tears running down his face as rivers of water, that trickleth down and ceaseth not with any intermission. For his nation and people that have rebelled against their God. A nation that has gone far from the ways of God, just as we see in this day and hour that we live in. So many things are contrary to the word of God and ways of God that we don’t even portray the image of God any more, or his holiness just as the nation of Israel did before the destruction of Jerusalem. But the God that is always hearing and the God that is always on the throne and knows what is going on, leans over his throne and looks down and beholds from heaven in verse 50 the bible says. The smallest cry from one man crying for his people and got God’s attention and the God of all inquired of his plea, but action didn’t come yet. Then in verse 51 the crying beings to affect the heart of the prophet. When the heart is affected then the body is affected. When people are affected then the nation is affected and then the enemy comes in. He starts by separating people out, driving the sorrow even deeper and now from a dungeon cell. Then when water flows over my head all hope is lost and the feeling of being cut off is near. What shall we do when we get into this area, when all hope is cut off and then things are not in our control anymore? When the world that we once knew is falling apart, what shall we do?

            We do as the prophet did in verse 55. I called upon thy name O Lord out of the low dungeon. This is where we are at as a nation this very hour. People are stuck in the low dungeon, all hope is far off, there is no man that can solve all the problems, nothing of an earthy realm can fix what has happened. There is only one thing that can calms a man’s soul and that is the Lord God All Mighty. That same God that looked down from heaven and heard your cries, that sees you in the low dungeon hast heard your voice just as he did the prophet’s voice. He didn’t hide his ear to your breathing nor did he just leave you in the low dungeon, but the bible says in verse 57 that the Lord drawest near in the day that I called upon thee. God has heard you from the very beginning. He has not forsaken you or left you alone, but has been right by your side all this time and was waiting for you and me to cry out to Him. And then the lord says the most important thing that every person needs to know; FEAR NOT.

Kevin Krecmer



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