Don’t Forget To Enjoy The Journey

Jonathan Starr is a young minister at Apostolic Faith Church. With his wife, Taneil, they help in various places of the church. Their biggest desire is to see the kingdom of God grow and being apart of that in any way possible.
April 06, 2020

I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water. Isa. 41:18

I am a destination-oriented person. No pitstops. No distractions. Get there. I can go hours without needing to stop once I am on the way. I don’t look back, I just keep eyes forward, destination in mind. It’s great for getting places. It is also extremely annoying to my family or fellow travelers. Especially those that see every historical marker, unusual exit or wayside attraction as an opportunity.

It is great for getting there, but there are times when I have missed out on some special moments because I was so focused on my destination. Those moments are irretrievable. They are a blip of potential lost along the highway. Once they are in the rearview mirror, they are gone.

As the physical journey goes, so can go our life’s journey. It is easy to get so focused on outcomes and results that we miss out on the pleasures along the way. God doesn’t always wait till the journey’s end to pour out his blessings, to grant his strength or to bring his sweet presence. If we get too focused on where we are going, we might lose sight of the special encounters he has reserved for us along the way. The burning bush of Moses was an aside moment. Mary’s encounter with the angel was without an appointment. The woman with the issue of blood was healed on the journey. Blind Bartimaeus was healed while Jesus was leaving town. Most of the great miracles and encounters happened before the destination, while the journey was still in transit. If you went ahead to where he was going, you missed the excitement and power along the way.

During this COVID-19 outbreak let us not become so focused on getting through it that we lose sight of what God is doing while things are happening around us. Moments of healing, reassurance, life events and special divine presence are not often retrievable. Let us see what God does on our journey rather than imploring him to quickly get us to our destination. In the midst of the wilderness he will make a pool of water and springs of water in the dry land. Drink deep, enjoy the river along the road. He will provide a blessed fountain in the middle of your valley. The greatest strength available is his Holy Ghost that can minister to us, not after we arrive, but while we are yet on the highway. What does God want for us today? If we can keep that in mind eventually all of the todays will combine, and he will see us through to the journey’s end. The destination is coming, but don’t forget to enjoy the road side stops along the way.

Pastor Jesse Starr



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