Love’s Greatest Story

Tyler Woolwine, with his wife, is actively involved at Apostolic Faith Church. Together, they serve as youth leaders and teach the Youth Sunday School Class. Tyler is a minister who helps lead worship and service. He has a deep passion to see God move, souls saved, and the Kingdom of God move forward.
April 02, 2018

Love…..A word the speaks volumes. In most cases, it is the first and last emotion that you experience in this life. Love itself can be tough as nails and yet as soft as the breeze. It can carry you through some of life greatest storms and give you joy beyond measure. Love can be seen in the eyes of a mother the first time she sees her newborn baby, and it can be felt by a warm hug from a loved one. “I love you” can still be some of the sweetest words spoken and according to some love can be tasted in every bite of mamas marble cake. Love has many different facets; it is said that we all have different languages of love and that understanding these can help better express your love. Love is also something that is missing from a world lost in despair and heartache. Love alone will not fix the hopelessness and anguish or the hatred that is spreading like a poison through every facet of society. Love alone won’t fix it because love has become used and abused, in the simplest of terms it has become conditional. The most significant problem with love is the true essence or meaning of love has been lost. With the ever-growing rate of abortion, a mothers love is no longer without question. It seems now that love between a husband and a wife is only assured when things are good, but can be revoked as soon as the turmoil of life gets too much. The lie that has been propagated is that true love does not exist, it’s a fairy tale, something from a land where life problems do not reach.

Love, true unconditional love does exist…..

Its story and truth have been documented, tested and approved. It comes not from a fairy tale, and it’s not reserved for a select few but instead opened to anyone who will embrace and accept it. The love of Jesus is unconditional his love is the only love that can fix a broken world because when you experience his love, it goes beyond surface love. It’s not a fleeting love, but it’s a love that has been sealed in blood and tears. Unconditional is not his loves hope but its driving essence. It’s love that caused the God of heaven to manifest HIMSELF in the flesh, to leave his heavenly throne to experience loss, heartache, pain and ultimately one of the most brutal deaths that could be imagined. With every stroke of the Roman whip, he was marked with love for you, and I, love for you and I drove him up Calvary’s Hill, love for you, and I was pronounced by every smack of the hammer on the nail that was driving through his wrist and ankles. Loves greatest story is not one of peace and calm, but it was with whips and nails and blood that its greatest story was told. However, his love did not end in another tomb was finished on that first Easter morning when the stone rolled away and he who was dead was alive forevermore. Jesus was seen by the twelve disciples, and over 500 saw him. His time with them was limited, but he had told them he would not leave them comfortless. So even after his resurrection and then ascension into heaven his love did not end, but it greatest expression was shown not many days later. In an upper room where 120 waited and prayed his love was expressed. When with wind and fire he filled each one with not empty and broken promises but with love greatest gift the indwelling of God himself in all. It was with just 29 words the Simon Peter would express love the greatest gift, he would say if you would repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus for the remission of your sins that you would be filled with Holy Ghost. Not only would all your sins be forgiven and be washed away but God himself would then dwell in you. The love of Jesus seen through his death, resurrection and ultimate plan of Acts 2:38 salvation is and will always be love greatest story. Its beauty is not in its eloquent words but its truth and that it can still be experienced today. Jesus can and will forgive and can and will fill you with his spirit, his love is and will always be unconditional. Within the pages of the bible still expresses loves the greatest story.



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