All Things New

Laura Krecmer, with her husband Kevin, are dedicated workers in the Bus Ministry and other areas. They have a desire to see kids reached, shown love, and ultimately find a relationship with God.
January 15, 2018

I dare to inquire of you as the new year begins and you weigh in on your resolution focal points, will you also probe into your soul and see what it is you may lack necessary for improvement in your walk with God?

As the new year arrives we find the desire to become new to some extent. Even if only in a minute fraction above who we have been the previous year. We shall eat less and lose those extra pounds that we purposed to lose at the start of the previous year! Or is it to stop throwing money away on frivolous things? How about that wonderful make over that some may desire in order to deem their self as new and improved?   We just want to feel better or to be better at something. And there is truly nothing wrong with feeling better or being better for that matter. The question I pose is, why do we believe that the beginning of a new year is a necessary ingredient to change us into the person we long to become?

I have never made new year’s resolutions. While not to seem rude, but rather candid, I could never understand the reasoning behind it. Surely not because I didn’t have areas in my life that I was not pleased with. I have always had as many as the next person or maybe more. It is an unequivocal fact that a new year has no bearing on our determination or will power. Not really. Maybe we need a starting line like running a race. But who are we running against? Our self? We most assuredly all fight our own selves on a daily basis. We hash out every step of our plan to conquer the very fiasco that we deem worthy of the new year’s salvation plan!  And while we are fighting to bring our flesh under subjection with all exuberance, should we in like mind examine our soul with the same zeal? Should we set goals for gain in our spiritual life whether it be at the beginning or any other given time throughout the year?  Oh, how much the more we should my fellow soldier in the Lord!

I dare to inquire of you as the new year begins and you weigh in on your resolution focal points, will you also probe into your soul and see what it is you may lack necessary for improvement in your walk with God? Maybe it is fast more, or to pray more. Endeavoring in the word of God. Maybe draw closer to a brother or sister considering what is appropriate. Maybe to give more to the church or to the needy that is forever among us. Or maybe it is to measure up to who God longs for us to be in another aspect of our life. If we have desirous convictions in our flesh, it is evident we should possess more profound convictions of the soul. As we indeed hash out the steps needed for that very success, let us also with that same enthusiasm, bask in the fore knowledge of an end time move of God that our Lord, as He has promised, will bestow among us for our unrelenting commitment to His kingdom.  Lord, let this mindset of a new beginning be ever within me.



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